Yung Gecko Is An Artist To Keep An Eye On

Having amassed almost 3 million streams across all platforms in the year 2020, Yung Gecko’s
debut left a strong footprint in the music industry. With countless artists putting out music, Yung
Gecko is able to stand out by producing his own beats as well as recording, mixing, and
mastering all of his vocals to industry level standards. Most musicians hire others to do these
arduous jobs, but Yung Gecko is more comfortable with having full control over the entire
composition and release process. Without a label or manager, promoting and distributing music
is very strenuous, but Yung Gecko looks to social media platforms including Instagram and
TikTok to draw attention to his projects. With almost every person having a phone or electronic
device in their possession, social media is the key to unlock a door containing hundreds of
millions of potential fans. Yung Gecko’s plans for the coming years are to release music more
frequently and continue to post engaging content on his TikTok account which is growing at an
exponential rate. Without a doubt, Yung Gecko is an artist who will be making big strides during
his music career and with such an impactful inception will follow a promising future.

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