Who Is Patrick Corsino?

Patrick Corsino

Patrick Corsino is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor known for starting multiple successful online business as well as being an early investor in Bitcoin. His journey started in college when he realized the flaws in the education system and took his life into his own hands. Patrick worked as a waiter for some time in order to fund his first business, and the rest is history. Fast forward, Patrick has started multiple businesses and built an investment portfolio that few his age can rival.

What made you realize you wanted to start your own business?

It all came down to trying a lot of things and eventually finding what makes me happy. I went into college as an engineer and quickly realized that was not what I wanted to do. Instead of just accepting that, I continued to try different things. Eventually I started my first business, figured out that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and just continued to scale everything from there.

What does the future hold for Patrick Corsino?

So much. I’m just getting started. I’m on a mission to leave a legacy while helping as many people as I can. All I can say is keep an eye out for me because this is just the beginning.

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