what is styrene gas leaked from a vizag plastic factory


The gas leak from a pharma company in Visakhapatnam has created a crisis situation in front of the entire country. Stearin gas has leaked from the plant. Which becomes quite fatal when it is being used extensively. Studies suggest that it can affect cancer from hearing and sighting. SN Pradhan, director-general of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in Visakhapatnam, says the gas leaked from a plastic factory. He has described this gas as stearin. This is a very deadly gas. If used extensively in dense form.

How does it cause health problems

It is commonly used in plants that make polyvinyl chloride. It also has a significant effect on health. It causes difficulty in breathing with a severe burning sensation in the eyes. It is made from ethylbenzene.

Can also give cancer, according to the American National Toxicology Program, if it comes in contact with humans, it can lead to cancer. However, there is a difference of opinion among experts about this. Can also affect the nervous system.
According to Dennis Experts, stearin gas affects the nervous system of humans as well as can lead to pancreatic cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer says that it is dangerous to humans and is carcinogenic. Another study suggests that stearin can also affect hearing with the eyes.

What to do to escape

The instructions were given to avoid Vizag accident. Drink more water in it. Wear a mask. If you feel more uncomfortable, you can use the Cetirizine Tablet. As it has said that the milk to remove the effect of the gas, banana, can be used molasses etc.

When the accident happened

LG Polymers Chemical plant at night was around 2:30 pm styrene gas leaks in Visakhapatnam. After that, it spread over an area of ​​03 km of the plant. The primary report also proves that the gas leaked is stearin.

In fact, this chemical plant at Venkatapuram near Gopalapatnam in Visakhapatnam was opened one and a half months after the lockdown. However, reports are also saying that the initial process of opening it was going on in the plant. Meanwhile, this gas started leaking.

The closed plant can become a big crisis

Maintenance was not done since the plant was closed. This situation can happen with thousands of plants closed due to lockdown in the country, whose maintenance was also closed. No special care has to be taken in reopening them. The precautions to be taken in such a manner with the maintenance manual will have to see. Till now, the attention of the governments was probably not on this site.

After this accident, not only should it noticed immediately, but guidelines should be issued.
So it is certain that after the lockdown, we can get surrounded by any crisis due to the factories being commissioned. Since such factories are everywhere. So now precautions are necessary about them.

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