The Progression Of Dizillian

Through out the years, Dizillian has progressed thoroughly in the music industry. Coming from SanJose California, he participated in small events as a DJ not knowing that “making” the music would soon be his career. Signing with Soave Records, “Lost In The Night” and his most recent release, “Tonight” with the German Organization, Swutch Music, Joshua (Dizillian) continues to prove to the community and the world that his career has hit a success point. Hitting 60,000 streams from the Netherlands alone and 68,000 in Brazil, surely proves to us his music has gone nation wide. On the strange part of things, he continues to remain in the state of Utah. Is it not now the time to move to Europe where his audience awaits? Our answer to this question will simply remain until this COVID-19 has been terminated. We hope to see him at the next big festival of Tomorrowland or even EDC.

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