Sunita Kapoor married Anil Kapoor on condition that you will be shocked to hear

Sunita Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is still fully active in Bollywood. There is no answer to the fitness of Anil Kapoor who has crossed 50. Anil Kapoor was recently seen in the film Malang, but today we will not talk about his films but on his love life with Sunit Kapoor. According to a news published in our associate website, Anil Kapoor revealed in an interview that She had put a condition to marry him. You will also be stunned to hear that condition of Sunita Kapoor.

Sunita had kept such condition for marriage, 

Sunita Kapoor and Anil Kapoor were in a relationship for 10 years before marriage. When Anil Kapoor proposed Sunita Kapoor for the wedding, She said that I am ready to marry you but after marriage I want a cook at home because I do not want to cook. Anil Kapoor accepted this condition of She and both got married. Anil Kapoor and She have been married for 35 years.

This was the first meeting of the two,

Anil Kapoor also mentioned his first meeting with She in this interview. Anil Kapoor told that, ‘When I saw Sunita for the first time at Raj Kapoor’s house, I thought if she speaks English. Also, Sunita’s voice also sounded very good. Sunita had big sunglasses in her eyes and she looked very sexy. Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor are one of the most beautiful couples of Bollywood. Both of them have three children, Sonam Kapoor, Reiya Kapoor and Harsh Kapoor. Sonam Kapoor is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood and Harsh has also worked in many films.

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