Singer Shreya Ghoshal said during her music launch- I am not a born musician


The singing of Shreya Ghoshal has always been in discussion. But many people do not know that there is also a musician in it. She launched a song ‘Na Woh Main’ just before the Covid-19 lockdown in March. Shreya told IANS, “I was thinking about releasing it later but I had no idea how long the lockdown would last, so I released the song on my YouTube channel. It was composed by me and my brother. Have done.

She said, “I am trying to work on a few more things. But it takes a little time to get a good song. I am not a born musician, I am more a singer than a musician. I have a lot of projects coming up Some good works have also come from friends, so I am working with people. ”

Shreya added, “I always want to create something that I can sing. I don’t always want to depend on the film. Film songs limited to the story or the setting of the film.” Talking about the style of singing, he has no choice. Shreya said, “The kind of music that I listen to is very versatile. I don’t limit myself. But I like some challenging songs.”

Sharing an example, she said, “The song ‘Ghar More Pardesiya’ of ‘Kalank’ was a difficult song. It is a dance song, but it had all the ‘harkat’ and nuances. It had to be cinematic too. The song was a challenging one. Was. I hope that more songs like this will be made whether it is classical or not but it should be challenging”.

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Shreya is doing virtual concerts even during this difficult time. She recently participated in YouTube’s One Nation Initiative, in which more than 75 music artists and Indian YouTube creators performed live concerts together.

Shreya says, “By doing this, I am keeping myself happy too. There was a time when I used to feel less than 24 hours a day but now I feel that this time is enough and there is not much to do. So Doing virtual concerts keeps people positive”.

Shreya has also learned a new skill during this period. She said, “I think my cooking skills have definitely improved. I am experimenting in the kitchen. Some dishes are very good. I praise myself for this.”


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