Richdagoat: spreading smile is more satisfying than earning money.

I’m Richard Tidor Aka richdagoat The Way Created My Name Was My Nickname was rich and i’m
capricorn which is a goat hence the name richdagoat i’m from broward county, florida . i started making
comedy videos as a hobbie which grew into passion. A social media comedian who beats all odds that he
came across and came back to his city and opened doors for many younger and older individuals who
never got chance to show and share their talents with the world because everyone was to glue to cell
devices and not giving anyone a chance to show their skills and talent. Leave a legacy and foundation
that alot people could learn from my life and take my story uses as fuel to continuing generate amazing
success and groundbreaking ideas to elevate the generation thats next to come .

What’s stopped you in the past from achieving your goals? (Procrastination? Lack of commitment?)

I feel as what stopped me In the past was I procrastinated to much I would say I would go do something
then never actually do it at all. also I hit a point In my life where I lost my grandfather that killed my
motivate it made me doubt myself and killed my confidence in everything. I realize I had to get that out
my subconscious mind and bring positive energy und use my grandfather death to motivate and
continue to take life head on and don’t give up because he wouldn’t want me to give on myself so easily
. I was really afraid of failure because realistic nobody wants to fail at anything but i watched youtube
video which change my whole viewpoint of the meaning of failure to me its means the condition or fact
of not achieving the desired end or ends without little failure y’all never get closer to your goals i realize
majority celebrities and well known individuals had to go through their failures to get to were they are
now. so i accept the challenge and willing to give it all i got

Why do you think most people QUIT?

Their either afraid or fear of being judged
They don’t realize failure is a lesson
The fail once and give up on their dream
They want skip to the end process instead of trusting the process
Lack of confidence & Negative vibes and they only think short term and not long term

What motivated you? (Money? Passion?)

I have passion for what i do because money is fun and all & it will free me of my financial problems but
thats not whats really important because you can die at any moment and that money will be
meaningless. I feel that the ability to help people be happy and suffer less and enjoy life even if their
homeless is more important the joy of life. I rather help those in need and provide for my family and
friends thats true love because money can’t bring you happiness it probably can for the moment but at
the end of the day y’all feel empty inside. its all about the memories you make & lives you touch on your
journey of sharing and spearing love and good ene


yes i feel that i am but their never to much room to grow and learn on the best ways to be good at that

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