Neha Kakkar wants to hold Aditya Narayan’s hand after lockdown

Singer Neha Kakkar has often been in discussion about her personal life apart from her song. These days his affair is being discussed with Aditya Narayan. Let us know that during Indian Idol 11, Aditya and Neha’s marriage and affair made a lot of headlines. It was said that both of them will get married on 14 February 2020.

However, this was done only for TRP. But now it seems that Neha is starting to like Aditya in real life. Neha Kakkar has posted a picture where she is standing with Aditya Narayan holding her hand, she has also written a special message. Neha wrote in the caption that after the lockdown is over.

Neha kakkar

Neha’s message and photos are being speculated from her wedding to her affair. Now it will be out of these, will time tell you But all this is no less than a big surprise for Neha’s fans. Let me tell you that recently Neha had also made a video after a breakup. Which was started by #MoveOnChallenge Neha?

Neetha wants to make Udit Narayan daughter-in-law

Neha wants to make Udit Narayan daughter-in-law

Let us tell you that Udit Narayan reached Indian Idol with his wife to meet Neha to make her the wife of Aditya.

Neha and Aditya pair

Neha and Aditya pair

There is no point in saying that the pair of two fit quite well. Neha is also seen having a lot of fun on the sets with Aditya.

Indian Idol 2 changed Neha's career

Indian Idol 2 changed Neha’s career

Indian Idol 2 has a big hand in changing Neha’s life. Neha did not win the show. But managed to wield the magic of his voice.

Aditya said we are both Shahrukh and Kajol

Aditya said we are both Shahrukh and Kajol

Aditya had said about Neha that she has included in the country’s top singers. Yes, when my channel starts doing well, I will definitely work with Neha. We are both Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol of the music industry.

Neha Kakkar in depression in breakup

Neha Kakkar in depression in breakup

Earlier Neha was in discussion with Himansh Kohli about the breakup. Neha herself had hinted through a post that she could not tell what is the reason behind the end of this relationship. Fans are also surprised to think of what happened after these two turned away from their relationship.

Neha did this after the breakup

Neha did this after the breakup

After the breakup, Himansh-Neha has unfollowed each other on social media. After the end of the relationship, Neha has deleted her romantic photos with Himanshan from Instagram. After the relationship ended, Neha wrote her pain and wrote that ‘I gave everything and I got in return … I can’t even share what was found ‘.

Friendship struck again on the set of the film

A friendship struck again on the set of the film

Let me tell you that Himansh made his debut with the film ‘Yaariyan’ (2014). In it, Neha sang the song ‘Sunny-Sunny’. The two had friendship on the set of this film. Which later turned into love.

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