Navneet Pathak Pandit: A YouTube sensation and an incredible content creator

A guy who can create multiple characters and execute them all in the most perfect way possible.

It was in 1999, a boy with immense talent took birth on 29th of March in a humble middle-class family of Agra. As if his parents already predicted the ability of their son, the baby was named Navneet, the one who will always have new talents. He completed his schooling from Agra Public School.

The Dream of a Future

As the years pass by, the boy was leading a regular college life without any hint of the future. But, as rightly said, great people always have an angel in their life which guides them on the right path towards their goals. Before Navneet realized his own talent, one of his friends did. His childhood friend, Amber Sharma saw the immense acting potential in his young pal and then gave him the required push to start the journey of theatre.

“Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams Transform into Thoughts and Thoughts Result in Action.”

It always helps an artist to grow and flourish if he has a talent, and people are around to back him up. Same happens with Navneet, and without much ado, he packed his bags and left for the city of dreams, Mumbai, with a desire of entertaining the world.

A journey of hardships before success

While taking his dreams of entertaining people to the next level, Navneet realized the potential of YouTube. But sadly, even all his hard work and money invested in making YouTube videos were landing in vain. Being a newcomer to this domain, many of his videos got flagged as inappropriate due to copyright issues.

But one of the best aspects of Navneet’s persona was his commitment and dedication to fulfill his passion. He always believed in his parent’s teaching that we couldn’t achieve success without proper hard work and discipline. This is how he worked harder and took a step ahead towards his success.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” – Colin Powell

As very well said, one should always choose the path which takes them towards their passion. Navneet Pathak Pandit, a young talented boy who wanted to entertain people, has done everything from wedding photography to school functions to live for his dreams. His hard work paid off in terms of immense love and admiration from his audience. It was his hope and ambition to make people laugh and engage their attention by being relatable that he paved way for success.

1- He received two national awards in 2014 and 2015.
2- His channel on YouTube, “Chu Chu Ke Funs”, has received a Silver Play Button and a Golden Play button

Interesting Facts:
1- He started his career in 2011 and won national awards within three years.
2- He has 2 YouTube channel called “Chu Chu Ke Funs” and the other is “Navneet Pathak Pandit.”

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