Multiple business owner Talha Nasir is an investor, CEO and philanthropist, all in one life.

Talha Nasir is a 31-year old successful entrepreneur who has been excelling in the field of business for the last 6 years in Dubai.

Everyday, the world of business is growing with the cooperation of a number of successful young minded entrepreneurs stepping in this field. They are transforming a simple business into an extraordinary one that is constantly bringing in the profits. One such brillaint mind who has excelled in this field is Talha Nasir. He has multiple businesses to his credit and is also known for his philanthropic activities. It wasn’t easy for him to gain success in life. He had worked hard, and now, his success makes all of it worthy enough.

Talha Nasir is presently owning 4 different ventures. The very first one is Drive plus Rent-a-car, that rose quite high throughout UAE, being the best car-rental agency. This company under him is allowing the clients to receive the most great experience of driving cars, that too at an affordable price. The next business is Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café, which provides his customers with one of the best experience of their lives. Coming next in the row, is his third business which is an energy drink manufacturing company, ‘D1 Energy’. This company has reached soaring heights and is the most profitable venture in UAE beverages industry. The last one is ‘Light4Life charity’, where Talha Nasir is the Chairman.

Under his charitable organization, he is providing help to the needy in and around the UAE. One of the most prominent feature of Talha is that in spite of all the success, his humanity is intact. Apart from these, he invests his money in many businesses which are spread across Dubai. He started off solely without any support, be it financial or otherwise and has succeeded tremendously with his focus and dedication towards his work.

Talha decided never to give up in his life despite all the challenges that he had to face in this journey. He continues to write his success story till date and stand as a true inspiration to all.

To know more follow him on @kingtnas

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