Manik Paul: India’s best Aerial Art performer & India’s Got Talent 201 winner started his Dance studio.

As it is said before, where there is a will, there is a way in life. When a hardworking and talented person doesn’t give up in life, they can achieve anything dreamed in life. Today we are writing about a talent who proved when you have the guts and passion you can make it big in life no matter where you are coming and from which family you belong.

India’s best Aerial art performer:

India’s got talent has given many top talents in the past, but in 2015 we show a talent flying with his moves named Manik Paul winner of India’s Got Talent 2015. This young Aerial performer stunned everyone with his performances and became the first Indian to win at the bigger platform as an Aerial performer. Manik Paul is India’s best Aerial art performer. This entertainer and dreamer comes from a small-town name Barpeta, Assam.

India’s Got Talent 2015 winner:

Aerial art is a unique thing; not all can perform. It is tough art that needs extreme strength to perform this art. Manik Paul was always fond of this art he practised for years, and at last, got the platform in 2015 to showcase his talent. Entire India became his fan, and he won the show with a huge margin.

Giving training of Aerial art to top Bollywood starts in Mumbai:

In 2013 he started educating people in various places of Mumbai. He was training people in places like Dadar, Andheri, Kandivali. Then he Started camps in goa. Performed in many shows, award shows. He has trained many celebrities around in B-town like Salman, Tushar, Yusuf khan; he also gave the training to top athlete type of hero tiger shroff. He has also trained Vani Kapoor.. worked with Bosco and many big names of Btown.

Manik Paul Aerial arts is a place for artists and performers who want to do something crazy in life. He is currently India’s best Aerial art performer.

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