mahmoud hpr Iranian and popular singer

mahmoud hpr Iranian singer and musician (born on November 10,1993 ,Isfahan).

He spent his adolescence in the UAE (Dubai). He completed his studies at the University of Canada (CUD) and returned to Iran at the age of 25.

He began playing the piano and guitar professionally as a child and gradually learned percussion instruments.

mahmoud hpr officially started his career with a single Music (fj) in 2017, which became known as the first off-road music in the world,

this song became one of the top 10 reputable networks called music in several weeks.

His main genres are hip, hop, rap, R&B and pop, which in recent years has included songs such as madmazel,

Hangover, Savage, Player, in his artistic repertoire, and his latest composition called ir.

drift is again the first World race music is known.

Important points that a musician should pay attention to
  1. Practice under the supervision of a singing teacher or a singing teacher:

You can even practice singing with a friend and acquaintance who has already taken singing lessons,

but it is always better to be trained under a teacher or a professional. Doing the wrong thing with a singing technique can hurt your voice.

If your voice is not strong enough, know that it is due to growing muscles and improper use of the larynx and vocal cords.Mahmoud H.P

2- Pay attention to the suffering and range of sound:

First find the current suffering and amplitude of your voice and then continue to work with practical and correct

exercises to bring your amplitude to the desired level.Mahmoud H.P

3- Correct your physical condition while reading:

Improper physical condition can significantly reduce the quality of your singing and prevent you from

breathing properly and performing well.

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