Karan Wahi donates his entire savings to rescue from COVID-19, actress Asha Negi reveals

So far in this battle with Coronavirus, many celebrities have donated to the Chief Minister and Prime Minister Relief Fund. Now the name of actor Karan Wahi has also added to this list. On the one hand, while many stars revealed how much they have donated for the Coronavirus, Karan did not share this thing with anyone.

Appreciating Karan’s noble work, his friend Asha Negi disclosed this on social media. Asha said that she knows that Karan will never reveal this and hence she is sharing this thing with everyone.

Asha disclosed this on Insta-Story and said that she feels very proud that she is Karan’s friend. He has donated his entire savings for the relief work from Kovid-19. After reading this, fans are now appreciating him fiercely.

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