Karan Johar apologized for ‘insensitive’ tweet, said- ‘I did not do this intentionally’


Filmmaker Karan Johar is seen very active on social networking sites during the lockdown. He has seen posting videos of his twin children Yash and Ruhi, which is fun for him. His video also has a glimpse of his grand house and the inside of the walk-in Kothi. But one video left Karan shaken from inside. He retweeted the video on his Twitter handle with many of his old tweets from people People have apologized for

Karan retweeted this video and wrote that it hurt me a lot, and I realized that many of my posts could be ‘insensitive’ to people. I sincerely apologize for this and nothing was deliberately added to it nor did it come from anywhere to share. It may be my lack of emotional foresight. I’m sorry!

Actually, in this video, many people had seen like doctors, nurses, store workers etc. who were talking about the difficulties caused by the coronavirus and how the celebrities are helping them to get out of these difficulties. In this video, a woman who is not a celebrity tells how these celebs are becoming their strength.

The video showed how a man who lost his mother, one who lost his job and home. How they are all motivating themselves on the strength of the celebrities. A doctor and nurse who are seeing many lives lost in front of them are being impressed by the videos and motivational talk of these celebs. In the video, a person said that it was his need to see a celebrity enjoying himself in his house.

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