Josh Kilby – How This Entrepreneur Went From College Dropout To Real Estate CEO In Under One Year

Josh Kilby

Josh Kilby is one of Nashville’s most eye-catching entrepreneurs and has caught the attention of thousands around the world in the last 3 years. He is most known for his online presence where he shares his journey from a college dropout to a real estate CEO. “I knew within 3 months of college that it wasn’t for me. It was way too bland for me. I am all or nothing, very passionate, creative, and easily self-taught – which are all qualities of a successful entrepreneur”.

“I couldn’t stand the fact of being normal. I couldn’t stand the fact of sitting in a cubicle until I was 65 years old and working under a man that was sitting on the beach enjoying life with his family. It was in that moment that I ditched the textbooks and started living out my full potential”, He said.

Since dropping out of college, Josh has built a personal brand that has reached people from multiple countries all around the world. It is obvious that he (Josh Kilby) definitely has the “IT” factor.

“I’m not against college, I am against kids paying thousands of dollars for a degree that hangs on the wall meanwhile they have to go back to work at fast food because they just went to college to make their parents happy, I’m not ok with that”.

His mission is clear – help as many people as possible to learn the value of investing in real estate and investing in themselves, which he says are the best investments you can make in his opinion.

Although college wasn’t for him, he quickly realized that he was being called to much greater things in life. “I will literally change millions of lives in my lifetime because I live to see others succeed. I live to see others do exactly what I did and I live to help them believe in themselves.

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