Is Power News, the new Political Channel, getting ready for a soft launch?

It was recently reported that Power News, the political news channel of the Power Sportz Group, led by Ms Kanthi D Suresh, had been shelved. The channel which was supposed to be launched this year, could not take off, initially because all resources were being diverted to the league division of Power Sportz, which is ready to roll out Power Sportz Premier League, as soon as this pandemic crisis is over. As PSPL got ready, the Coronavirus broke out, and all plans for Power News, were on a standby mode. We also had confirmed information that the project was not taking off

The latest rumours doing the rounds is that Power News magazine site is getting ready, which will also have a video section. The magazine site would act as a soft launch to the political news channel. Its also being heard that Ms Kanthi D Suresh will be starting the ‘Power Talk’ series as a weekly, on the lines of Talking Turkey with Kanthi, the difference being this will concentrate on burning Political issues, Pan India.

It is not clear as to what has led to this turnaround of events. One possibility is that the same model was followed on the Power Sportz magazine site for the Power Sportz COVID Tracker, which saw very good traction. Its possible that spurred by it, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, wishes to apply the same logic to Power News.

Perhaps, more clarity on this will be available soon. What is confirmed at the moment is that the Power News magazine site is getting ready with a video section, in place. There is no news on a full-fledged 24×7 Pan India setup for Power News.

Keep watching this space for more!

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