Hrithik Roshan donated Rs 25 lakhs to Cine & TV Artists Association


Bollywood stars are also coming forward to fight against the coronavirus. Bollywood superhero Hrithik Roshan is coming forward to help people during this crisis. Where a few days ago, this star had extended the helping hand by secretly donating the families of the photojournalists of Mumbai, Viral Bhayani shared this information through his post. At the same time, the news is coming that He has made people happy by coming forward to help the supporting artists of the film industry.

According to a portal, Hrithik Roshan has donated 25 lakh rupees to the Cine and Television Artists Association (CINTA). Cinta senior joint secretary Amit Behl disclosed this, saying, “A few days ago ‘Quan’ who handles all the management of Hrithik Roshan had contacted us and asked for our bank account number and a few minutes. Only after he deposited 25 lakh rupees in the account to the Cine Artist Welfare Trust, he further said that this money we will start sharing the money among the daily workers.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has had a significant impact on daily wage workers. To support him, Sinta established the Relief Fund, for which many celebs have made generous contributions. Apart from donating money, some celebs are also providing food items to the needy.

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