How Tiana Parker Kimbrough Transitioned Into A Social Media Influencer

When it comes to social media sensations or people who have a natural ability to entertain an audience, Tiana Parker Kimbrough is a name that pops up in every Instagrammer/YouTubers mind. At such a young age, Tiana has surprised her followers by emerging as a commendable artist and renowned model. She is a talented creator herself and for her spouse, working with Instagram creator Fatboy SSE pushing out content to their following. Not only did she help him in building his very own YouTube Empire with a following of nearly 33000 subscribers, but is only 22 years old. The secret to her success is, “All of my content is realistic and transparent for the audience to really understand what’s going on.” she stated. Viewers all around the world crave this original material, something that has become very rare for other influencers as they always are trying to get views posting unnecessary drama.

Fatboy and Tiana are very much so in love and obtain the title as that hot branded couple. Their videos together are super energetic, and the element of keeping it all-natural is what goes in their favor. The first vlog that the duo shared on YouTube revolves around a road trip with Fatboy pranking around. In the next, this couple can be seen shopping around with friends buying props and entertaining their community while doing normal activities. She has undoubtedly come a long way by presenting various styles and dressing ideas. Every one of her videos is unique in its own way.

When it comes to becoming an influencer, there is a huge responsibility in providing great content and transparency to your following. Tiana has become an all-rounder doing it all, even producing a hit song with her husband. On her Instagram account, she has grown more than 329,000 followers while her husband at 5.8M. Being a trendsetter is a skill especially because of the camera following every second. All of Fatboy’s posts with his wife are followed by appreciation from fans all around the world. In the latest video that the couple uploaded, Tiana took a live pregnancy test surprising everyone with the wonderful news that she and her husband are expecting their first child together. All of their fan base are anxiously waiting for the new arrival to see how life unravels in their upcoming future.

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