How Marco Calamassi’s BrandsBuilder Has Helped 15 Influencers Build 7 Figure Brands

Today you are not only an entrepreneur, you also are a teacher, mentor and role model for many young entrepreneurs. What are the most common mistakes young entrepreneurs make on their journey ?

It might sound odd but I see a recurring pattern: lack of self-esteem. Majority of entrepreneurs and professionals don’t really, deeply believe in themselves or in their skills in the marketplace. If you are not a motivated, resolute individual how can you expect others to believe in your service or product ?. Also, to succeed you need to excel. If you are not certain of your qualities, how can you excel ?

What recommendation and advice would you give as a mentor to young entrepreneurs ?

A simple advice I give them is to admit to not know it all while still being confident. It sounds like a paradox but It is not. Most times I see people that are not their first supporter and yet they claim to know it all. You need to believe in yourself but at the same time seek progression, seek knowledge and know-how every single moment. Keizen is my mantra. Constant and never ending improvement.

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