Sean Borg makes working up a sweat look good.

The British entertainment personality turned-lifestyle and travel expert has been exercising hard; it seems.

Earlier this week, the handsome Trivago guy showed off his new fit physique in the locker rooms at a Palm Springs fitness center and posted it on Instagram for all to see, getting fans a little hot under the collar.

Not giving much away than a pair of bulging biceps, the youthful 51-year-old wrote. “I’m not ready just yet to take my top off, soon, though!” ?

Perhaps a hint that he might be planning to show off his bare chest sometime soon. Swoon!

Buff Brit! Sean Borg poses after a workout at a Palm Springs Gym

Clearly off the cake then?

In the hot thirst-inducing mirror selfie, the former “TMZ on TV” reporter wrote: #nomoredonuts #nomorecake ? #gym#gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitnes s#workoutmotivation #workout #losewieght #alwaysgetasecondopinion @seanborgla

Recently, Sean admitted noticing he had piled on a few extra pounds during filming of a television commercial, saying: “When I saw myself on film for the first time in a long time, I thought to myself— what? I had to do something about it and fast. It’s easy to slack. So it was back to the gym for me, regularly.

No candy, no cakes. No more junk food of any kind, or wine. Which is so hard for me, as I like all that stuff,” he added.

Sean admitted noticing he had put on weight during filming of a television commercial

His stylish, but straightforward gym attire consisted of gray Nike shorts (bulging in all the right areas), with a white v-neck t-shirt and white socks with gray Nike trainers. Sean’s a music lover, no doubt. The Brit —based in Los Angeles, sported a pair of trendy — state-of-the-art Apple earpods, that finished off his fresh workout look.

Looking Locker-Room Fit : Sean Borg’s new fitness regime is paying off

In a recent study, professors Tricia Burke and Stephen Rains found that individuals who saw more workout posts in their feeds were more likely to feel concerned about their bodies, especially if the posts came from a person they felt looked similar to them. The gym selfie, experts say, is more than just a visual brag or photo-driven pep talk. Social media is fundamentally changing the way we work out — and the way we see ourselves in the mirror.

Something for all of us to think about, I suppose!

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