George Michael Farha: AKA WOLF is viewed as one of the most growing Digital Marketing master of the world

The founder and CEO of iMaster Digital Agency “George Michael Farha” also known as “Wolf” specializes in creating brand awareness, traffic and lead gen, marketing funnels, social media and more.Wolf is widely known in the field of digital marketing business , and is one of the youngest entreprenure in his field. Wolf’s sound knowledge is helping individual and business profiles with online methods which give development in fan following and the business acquiring to countless individuals.


Numerous individuals are unaware of him being the main American – Lebanese business visionary who netted $1M figure from Online advertising Business in Lebanon. From beginning an organization 3 years back to accomplishing an incomprehensible 200k $ turnover in only one year crossing 1m$ currently is a Herculean undertaking in itself. His prominence and distinction shot up with his name being advanced from enormous big names and influencers as he claims Wolf Entertainment, an organization had some expertise in occasion the executives, craftsman and influencers Managment. What’s more, WOLF is viewed as one of the most growing Digital Marketing master of the world.

As of late his name got recorded as Youngest Millionaire Entrepreneur of the Middle East. His name came in the top Lebanese press online.Wolf’s startup company iDigital And Wolf Entertainment are currently one of the Middle East’s best Startup organization additionally recorded in the best ten Startup organizations of Lebanon.

He worked with powerful names like International Superstar Maluma, Kevin Heart , P Diddy and Super Sako notwithstanding all of Middle Easterner big names; and left behind many Middle East based organizations like Alhosn, Desert Force, MBC, Choueiri Group marking an agreement of 300k USD being the main Lebanese to accomplish such accomplishment.

He additionally worked with Arab’s driving music label Lifestyle and Rotana. A large portion of his ventures are of western nations which is useful for Lebanon and Lebanese economy. We need more ability like him in Lebanon.
WOLF sets a most noteworthy floor for the younger age with his advancement in the Digital world. We believe that he drives people under him with the objective that Lebanon additionally comes in the overview of top Digital Marketers and besides in top IT providers associations

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