Entrepreneur Abdel-Kader Bachr talks on the Importance of mentorship in Business

It is generally known that to succeed in anything, it is advisable to find someone who has already achieved it and let them guide you. This is a loose definition of what a mentor is. Abdel-Kader Bachr is one entrepreneur who understands the importance of having mentors on your journey to entrepreneurship. Abdelkader Bachr is a 24-year-old digital marketing expert who has helped numerous firms achieve success in their marketing campaign. His agency currently pulls in more than 6 figures in revenue. Over his years in the business world, he has had several mentors who have taken him under their wings and guided him on his journey.

“Every new entrepreneur should seek out a mentor who can guide them at the beginning of their business pursuits, Abdel-Kader says. “If you have to find a mentor who can guide you through times of difficulty and uncertainty, then do it. A mentor is someone who has already been on a similar journey as you and can help lead you down the proper path. They can provide you with enthusiasm and optimism so that you’ll never even think about giving up ever again.”

Mentors are in a unique position to give you advice from their own experience. They can also help you avoid some of the mistakes they made earlier in their journey.

“A mentor is only a guide to fill in the gaps and answer questions on your journey as an entrepreneur,” Abdel-Kader comments.  “If you don’t have enough positivity and enthusiasm for your own business to see it through to the end, then you will fail no matter who mentors them.”

Therefore, good mentors can help you stay on the right track. However, the responsibility of applying their techniques and staying motivated falls on you as an entrepreneur. To succeed as a mentee, you must have a positive mindset and a can-do attitude towards your business.

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