Dancing With the Stars’ Witney Carson Reveals Name of Her Baby Boy

Witney Carson is one happy mom!

The Dancing With the Stars genius took to Instagram on Wednesday to uncover the primary authority pic of her infant child with spouse Carson McAllister, alongside the infant’s sweet moniker.

“Kevin Leo McAllister. Named after his grandpa who sent him down to us,” Witney, 27, wrote. “Born on Jan. 3rd 2021 ✨ 7lbs. 2oz. 21” long!”

“My little Leo, I love you more than words can express,” she continued. “You are the most precious gift. My life will forever be changed by your sweet spirit. Welcome to the world Leo.”

The new pic comes only one day after Witney shared a video montage from the “first 24 hours with our precious, beautiful boy.”

“Everyone tells you how special bringing life into this world is but you never know exactly what they mean until it happens to you,” she gushed in the caption. “This is my whole entire world.”

ET announced recently that Witney and Carson had invited their first kid together. “After a really hard 24 hour labor, and an unexpected c-section… we are all healthy and well,” the expert artist shared on Instagram at that point. “We are so grateful & we’ve been soaking up every moment with our perfect angel boy. Thank you for all the prayers!”

Addressing ET back in July, only days in the wake of declaring they were expecting, Witney and Carson couldn’t contain their fervor over the upbeat child news.

“It’s absolutely insane. It came as a shock because we were not expecting it; we both kind of looked at each other and were very surprised,” Witney said. “So, it’s kind of taken some time to digest this news, but ultimately, we are just so excited. And it’s just kind of crazy to be growing a human inside me. Like, it’s bizarre! I don’t even think it’s hit him yet at all.”

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