Charlene Izere is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has successfully founded three ventures to empower Black women

Starting off as a virtual assistant, to now being the proud owner of three unique business ventures, Charlene Izere has earned her way to success through her mission in helping black women achieve success in their own right.

Working through a range of challenges throughout the course of her life, Charlene powered her way through to create a mission so valuable for herself, that she now is able to support many other women like her. When Charlene moved to Boston to work at the age of 22, she was quick to realise that one job was not sustainable enough to pave the way for the future she desired. This is when she began to work part-time, trying her hand in a variety of jobs and picking up new skills along the way – all of which helped her gain perspective and ideas to create her own venture.

Charlene now is the successful owner of 3 business ventures. Melanin and Money is a resource hub for Black entrepreneurial-minded women. Soulful Systems is an Online Business Management Agency, and Wellness Delivered serves as a self-care and community care organization, and Melanin and Money is solely developed to offer black women the support, tools, and resources related to starting a business. This venture was put in place by Charlene to help black women who were in need of support along their entrepreneurial journey.

The idea for these businesses came to Charlene’s mind once she realized that the majority of black women who enter the world of entrepreneurship lack the financial support needed to succeed. Furthermore, Charlene did not want black women to carry out their journey along a lonely path. As Charlene had experienced first hand the disheartening journey of feeling under represented as a black women in the entrepreneurial space, she did not want others to suffer, so she made it her mission to enter the field in order to create opportunities for others. Knowing the backgrounds these women come from, Melanin and Money has prices and offerings that are charged at very modest rates and do not leave room for inadequacy. The venture aims to provide the right support, robust resources, and the correct network to these women who want to grow and become successful.

Soulful Systems is Charlene’s another venture which is aiming at demolishing the racial wealth gap. The aim of this venture is to provide ultimate client experience and provide them both time and financial freedom. Her goal through this venture is to have her clients realize how life could be if you’re not living inside a virtual bubble of apps and the internet. Soulful Systems has been such a great success, having generated multiple 6 figures in less than 6 months.

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