Brent May: Gifting the love of Mexico through Real Estate Deals.

Brent May and his firm “Bayside Real Estate” has helped thousands buy their dreams home.
In this global pandemic era many people have suffered a lot, many people lost their jobs, some business faced liquidation. People started searching different ways to survive their livelihood. People want peace of life, so many people shifted to different countries with new hope. But one needs proper guidance of efficient real estate to shift their house in another country or in country itself, which helps in their betterment. To search the perfect home for yourself and your family is a tiring thought in itself. People have to rush and run at many different places multiple times to corner and finally select the dream house for them. The process takes a toll on your mental health as well. Customers now rely on many real estate brokers to get a good deal, but hardly any of them are professional in their work and works out the best for you. Meet one such thorough professional with highest standards of ethical work history in Mexico, Brent May.

Brent May is one of the best real estate agents in Mexico who helps those people who are ready to say good-bye to their traffic life and try to find solace at a peaceful place. Many people recently are considering shifting to Mexico due to multiple reasons-beautiful place, robust finance structure, and better investments. Brent helps people to do right investment which gives long term joy and provides value for money. Brent himself along with his family shifted to Mexico couple of years ago to live a happy and a peaceful life.
Brent along with his wife Erin worked on sales, marketing and other rental programs in the Huatulco region of Oaxaca State, Mexico. Oaxaca State which is one of the safest cities in Mexico is known for its pristine beaches, beautiful sunshine, low-risk hurricane zone and warm local Mexican people. Today, Bayside real estate has been instrumental in helping people provide their dream home, condos, and land in the Huatulco, Puerto Escondido and Yucatán regions since 2010. This has catapulted Bayside Real Estate to earn the tag of being the No.1 Oaxaca Coast Broker in 2014 by Coastal & Urban Specialists, International Living, an international investment & retirement firm and is proudly maintaining the tag since that time.

Brent and his firm has been providing multiple services to its clients- whether it is “Own Mexico” which services range from at-your-convenience informational master classes on the buying process in Mexico, a “How To Live in Mexico Guide”, to “stay and play” options for those who crave the full experience, to the all-new, full-service virtual option that takes remote buyers through the complete purchasing process with virtual tours, property inspections, taxes, and closing. This virtual service has come in very handy to those people who want to cash in less time and maximize outputs. With such awards and accolades in their kitty, Brent has been proudly called as “The Dream Cather” in the real estate industry.
The fascinating emergence of Brent and his company has taken the attention of millions of customers and also attracted thousands of more potential clients. Their rising popularity has given a strong impetus to their profit generation as well. They have been able to generate tremendous growth for them, breaking previous records as well. Their Q1 budget of 2021 has exceeded the numbers of 2019 and 2020 as well. Such has been the response for their professional work ethos.

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