Ashoke Pandit asked Javed Akhtar on Twitter: Why silence on Tabligi Jamaat?


Coronavirus has created a RUCKUS in the world. Thousands of people have been put to death by this virus. India is constantly fighting the war against this virus. The Corona Warriors are constantly trying to cause the least destruction in India, but many warriors who are risking their lives day and night are falling prey to people who might not understand how dangerous this virus is. Bollywood celebrates are constantly making people aware. Meanwhile, lyricist Javed Akhtar and social activist, producer Ashoke Pandit got into a debate on Twitter.

Actually, lyricist Javed Akhtar thanked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for investigating the corona infections. At the same time, due to being silent on the Tabligi Jamaat case, social activist producer Ashoke Pandit rebuked him and he got a twitter attack.

Javed Akhtar tweeted a tweet thanking the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for doing a good job. He wrote, ‘Salute to Mumbai BMC. He has tested the highest corona from all the states in the entire country. Due to the most tests, the maximum corona infects were detected, which have been sent immediately for treatment. It is most effective in fighting and defeating Corona. Thank you BMC.

Taking a dig at this tweet, Ashoke Pandit wrote- ‘I appreciate your thanks for the work done by Sir BMC. But what about Tabligi Jamaat, I am waiting when you will condemn it. I am sure you have seen the visuals of Moradabad. Why the silence on such an attack?

On such a tweet of Ashoke, Javed also wrote a question asking – ‘Ashoke ji, talk straight. Do you, who have known me for years, think I am communal? If someone else asks, you are my friend, do you not know what to think about every institution like my tabligi Jamaat whether it is Muslim or Hindu?

Replying to Javed’s tweet, Ashoke wrote- ‘Sir, I know you and I respect you sincerely and hence I am surprised why you have not publicly published Tabligi Jamaat till now. It is learned from you to raise your voice against wrong things. Your silence on these terrorists was slightly disturbed.

During this, Javed Akhtar also responded to a troller. ‘The same thing strikes me like you, that I raise voice against fundamentalists who are both Hindu and Muslim. One calls me a Kafir and the other a Jihadi. As long as abuse is coming from both sides, I am sure that I am doing something right.


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