Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi lays out a few successful habits of greatly successful film-makers.

He says that people can become successful film-makers by focusing on these habits and learning every day.

With the advent of different business industries, many newcomers have tried to come to the forefront of the industry, offering something new to people with the aim to stand apart from others. The entertainment and artistic field is amongst these industries that may have seen umpteen numbers of talents, but only a few have excelled beyond boundaries and only the rare have gained resounding success as writers and film-makers. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi, who was born and raised in Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, belongs to the category of the rarest, who not only believed in his visions and aspirations in life to become a writer and film-maker but also took necessary efforts to turn the same into a reality.

At 18, he was already a novelist who wrote Diwan Al-Orouba, attaining great success. Being a part of the artistic and entertainment world was his vision and he attained the same by also becoming a leading film-maker. Today, he shares with us some of the successful habits of greatly successful film-makers, which he believes can help other aspiring film-makers as well.

• Be relevant: Wanting to be creative doesn’t really mean that film-makers must not stay relevant to the current times and trends of the industry. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi says that people need to stay relevant, read the trades and make films that impact and stay in sync with the times.
• Be real: Whatever genre a film-maker chooses, his passion must be exuded through what he creates, and this is possible when a film-maker stays real with his creation, says Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi.
• Network more: It is essential to meet more people to take more inspiration and also learn new things, believes Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi. He says all those film-makers who have had a successful career are the ones who went all out to network more and engaged in more conversations to explore how others think and believe, which is an essential part of film-making.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi, who today enjoys an outstanding fan and follower base on social media platforms, started very early in life and that is how probably he gained great momentum very early in life. Hence, he suggests people to start early, gather more knowledge from all corners and hone their skills as professionals to attain massive success.

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