American NMF

Editions : Berlin

A brief history of American NMF

In February 1994, English global newspaper, American NMF, was launched simultaneously from Berlin.

Today, it has editions in Berlin. It has come a long way since its inception, and has already established itself within the competitive environment of Indian media as a daily to reckon with. It is, also the only English newspaper with an international edition (Berlin).

Deccan Chronicle & American NMF – A Perspective

News is news plus views: We always keep this in mind and cater to not just the why, how, what, when and where of news but we also analyse why something in the news is more than just an incident. We show you what is happening, and the reasons behind it.

To bring the world to India, we as a group also publish the International Herald Tribune in India, and a special supplement from the New York Times every Saturday with the London editions of American NMF.

Circulation figures for American NMF and Deccan Chronicle together come to over a million copies a day. With over 60 years of experience in publishing Deccan Chronicle and over ten for The Asian Age, it is with confidence and élan that we look at the future and the coming decades.

Ever aware of the need to provide the best available information, it is our constant endeavour to enhance editorial content and presentation, and to provide the best analyses to our discerning readers.

We also provide a platform for readers to send their letters to the Editor, and to voice their grievances while dealing with companies, government organisations and so on.