Abhijet Raajput: The Successful Director From India

Abhijet Raajput

In the world there are many problems and worries, there are things which are worst. But in the era of music and visual illusion of music bad things appear to be nothing. And to make this music come to the screen the creative field is always responsible. One of the Creative work is Direction, and that is what Abhijet does. Abhijet Raajput is an Music Video Director from Pune, India who is well known for his International Standard Music Videos and amazing Ad films.

His Videos have touched millions of views on Youtube, his directorial work is been recognized by Industry Professionals. He has done many short films, ad films and documentaries. His main motive is always to make videos that satisfy his audience and fans. Raajput has worked in the industry since a long time and to be here it took 10 years for him. His next projects are coming soon, most of them are web series, music videos and movies.

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