19 year old Oscar campos is the king of the Cheese cake factory

Oscar campos

Lord Oscar Campos was born a high profile dairy farmer on an estate in Guadalajara Mexico. Since his early years he has progressed. His Lordship owns expansive property in Scotland, although he spends the majority of his time in his Beverly Hills complex among the social elite.

Oscar campos

Unlike his figure, his life is not as perfect as it might look. Facing much adversity from various hate groups on Twitter, such as the “fat lesbians” group, who have been harassing in various campaigns in an attempt to dismantle his elitism.

A right hand man to Darey Castro, Oscar Campos travels the world for events, where he waits outside for wristbands. From events in Los Angeles or Hong Kong, he certainly classifies as a flight risk.

Whether by means of coping or just affinity, Oscar’s therapy has been unsuccessful by interludes of $10,000 Cheese cake binges with his closest friends Josh Coker, Briggs Mark, and Nikita.

However despite being the King of The Cheese Cake Factory, Oscar is best known throughout the west coast for his presence in diverse communities, where he shows his support in a variety of gestures, such as heroic tipping, abundant extravagance, and passionate recitals. He has gained quite the following, and as with any public figure on the path to stardom, LGBTQI++ and ex fellow Scientologists are hating.

Despite all of the eyes on Oscar, it doesn’t appear Oscar has any eyes on the haters, just cheesecake.

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