15 Things You Didn’t Know About Reza Abbaszadeh

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Reza Abbaszadeh

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Reza Abbaszadeh

Reza Abbaszadeh is the founder of DigitalTreasuryInc based out of Canada from 2018. Furthermore, he have served as DigitalTreasuryInc’s CEO from 2019, meaning that he has reached the rise to becoming a millionaire in less than 2 years with his entrepreneurial mastermind. He is regarded as the youngest Iranian businessman who could make millions of dollars by the age 21. With that said, it is interesting to note that Abbaszadeh has since taken an interest in other fields as well, with the beauty industry as well as philanthropic causes being stand-out examples.

Here are 20 things that you may or may not have known About Reza Abbaszadeh:

1- He was Born in Tabriz, Iran

Given the name, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that Abbaszadeh was born in Iran.

2- He made $200,000 by the age of 16 by Selling IELTS Degree !

Based on the evidences from IDP and BC in Georgia, a lot of IELTS degrees issued for Iranians in this country were illegally without the attendance of examinees.
So later a group of investigators were suspicious about Reza Abbaszadeh as the head of this activity in Iran based on his communications and income. But he could pull through.

3- He dropped the medical university

He went to the McDaniel college to study Pre-Medical course for 6 months and subsequently he could find a way to study Medicine in Hungary and then in Austria. During the first year of university, he found out that this career is not a path to financial success so he dropped out and changed his major into Business Administration.

4- He is a good Poker player

One of Abbaszadeh’s hobby is to play Texas Holdem Poker on thousands of dollars. His biggest bet was one of his cars worthing around 300,000 dollars so far in Monte-Carlo. He always says that “I never bet on what I know exactly, on the contrary I bet on the unknown because known things can be achieved by me not by chance”

5- He has complicated relationships

Based on the mysterious stories form different people, no one knows about his status of marriage yet.

6- He bought his second nationality.

Reza Abbaszadeh surprisingly paid for his German nationality. He could get his second nationality with the help of ideal investments in different fields of German industries and unbeknownst to say, big shots.

7- He founded his investment company at the age of 20

He started to own his first business at the age 20 as an investing platform based out of Canada. To deal almost every thing for profit around the world.

8- He never make his business deals on his name ( anonymity )

One of the rules of Abbaszadeh’s business life is not to leave any footstep behind. After discovering his life, this rule has been entirely understandable for us. Abbaszadeh always have somebody in order to get the business contracts signed, therefore he always enters the contracts as an advisor.

9- He made more than half of his money from investing in other people’s startups

It is so interesting that Abbaszadeh invests emotionally in startups without putting his name on them. A lot of venture capitalists and investors accept to support a startup provided that the real owner of the project shares the ownership with them. But Abbaszadeh just takes the agreed amount of the interest written in the contract. He more likes to be anonymous in businesses and focus on just making it.

10- Net worth of Reza Abbaszadeh

Although when people asked him about his net worth in an interview, Abbaszadeh claimed “around 1 million dollar” In 2019, based on his new $2 million residence in Berlin and exotic car collection, regardless of his company contracts, we estimate Reza Abbaszadeh’s net worth around $7 million in January 2020.

11- Reza Abbaszadeh was awarded as The Youngest Iranian businessman

Reza Abbaszadeh could make millions of dollars during the first year of his Entrepreneurship and it is absolutely insane.

12- His Cat is so wealthy

Abbaszadeh has a cat named Bobby. He registered his Hungarian-Scottish cat officially; so, for any reason he dies since he has no official wife or kids so far Bobby is going to inherit a part of his belongings . So lucky cat.

13- He hates Cryptocurrency

He has never invested in this area.

14- besides a business team, he has a team of hackers

Abbaszadeh has a team of hackers and we still do not know what can be the duty of them. But these hackers are employed by him officially and work during working hours like normal employees.

15- He is a licensed pilot of Helicopter

Abbaszadeh first stared as a hobby then this is now a part of his city-to-city commute.

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